Levitating wooden desk lamp “Magnetic floating”

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Is it magic? Not at all! Then how is this bulb floating and spinning automatically in the air? The answer is simple: it uses the magnetic levitation technique. The lamp functions without any support or contact and doesn’t require any cables or batteries. It has wireless power transmission. The bulb is powered by air through induction. The bulb features an elegant glass bulb, wooden cap, levitating above the wooden base. The beautiful combination of glass and wood makes this an absolute eye-catcher! The future is here with magnetic floating LED bulb lamp. It will perfectly fit any interior design.

Flexible touch, light life, free to rotate 360 degrees, high color rendering/

  • Material: Glass + ABS
  • Color: wood light
  • Lamp size: 135 * 69.5mm
  • Base size: 120 * 120 * 25.5mm
  • Rated voltage: 12 v
  • Rated power: 5-10W