Wooden wall/desk lamp “Pointer”

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What an innovative device! LED desk lamp with movement-detecting sensor. It turns on automatically when motion is detected. Easy to light your path at night. That's convenient, isn't it? The warm soft glow of the bed light will turn on to guide you safely across the room in the dark without disturbing glare to wake others. It can be used both as a wall lamp and table lamp as well. It is noteworthy that this lamp does not require being plugged in. It is wireless.  This item is made of solid wood and organic glass, which makes it suitable for any interior design.

  • Product name: Smart Sensor Light
  • Battery capacity: 500mAh lithium battery
  • Product material: solid wood, organic glass, electronics
  • Product standard: induction light, base, charging cable
  • Light color: 2700K ~ 3000K warm white light
  • Light power: 1W LED